Sorry to my neighbors…




Aw. Did you miss me?


Nice mustache.

Thanks. I’ve worked hard on it.

You look like a pedophile.

Fair enough.

Very classy, Seb.

Thank you, Nick.

Sorry to my neighbors…


but I’m blasting my music extra loud. There’s nothing like a little Katy Perry to get you through another long day of classes.


God, I’m so glad I have better things to do than fantasize about your gel soaked pubes. 

@sebsmythe Day 25. #mustache #classy #instagram #lawschool


 sebastianthefourth said: Ew.

I have some left over. When I get back to Princeton I can dye your hair if you’d like!

 qfabrayatyale said: I like it!

Thank you Quinn. This is very you circa your senior year.

Yeah. That’d be a great birthday surprise for Hunter. 

Is it really almost Halloween?


I don’t even have a costume picked out yet! 


With that face I say you’re set.

So this is Lima, Ohio…


A bit of a snap judgement there, don’t you think? Good call on the athlete thing but I’m much smarter than your average football player, thank you. And these goals would be? Sleeping with countless men who could care less about your existence for money? Good luck with that. I see a bright future ahead of you, Sebastian Smythe.


Aw, I love it when people stereotype me. It’s adorable and naive. Emphasis on the naive part. Just like you, I’m more intelligent than your average “fuck-toy”, if that’s what you think of me as. I’m smarter than your average football player too, but I decided to keep that fact to myself since it’s not the most unique quality about me. 


I bid you greetings fellow internet people


Hey Sebastian, it’s good, how is yours going?


It’s going great. Thank you.